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At Beach House Maldives, we are committed to the environment. ADOPT A CORAL REEF project aims at protecting and developing the large coral population around the resort by building up coral frames and enabling broken coral fragments to grow and form new healthy colonies. To implement this ambitious initiative, Beach House Maldives, A Waldorf Astoria Resort has been working hand in hand with Seamarc. This Male-based marine consultancy company has developed a unique coral propagation technique which has proved to be one of the most successful in the world.

The Environmental Protection Agency which is an independent legal regulatory entity, working under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing Transport & Environment, has given its approval to the project.

Why this ambitious project is important:

• Coral reefs act as key feeding and breeding grounds for a plethora of marine life. They are the main reason why the Maldivian underwater life is so unique and a treasure for snorkelers and divers. This project improves the quality of corals and fishes in the house reef.

• It helps corals to recover faster from previous disturbances building new artificial reefs. Corals are threatened by global warming, pollution, rubbish, careless divers and snorkelers, boat anchoring, etc...

• Coral reefs are a hope for the Maldives to slow down the rise of sea level and protect the existence of the 1,192 islands.

• It also guarantees an alternative income for the people from B. Fulhadhoo Island, as they make the frames used to grow coral fragments.

• Coral reefs are a place where scientists are still discovering new molecules. Those findings are used to uncover new cures against cancer and HIV.

Let’s give a chance to the next generations to discover the underwater sea life as we know it today.

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